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Drinks& Cocktails

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Drinks& Cocktails

Classic and Contemporary Cocktails!

Cocktails for every taste!

There’s a Drink or Cocktail for every Mood or Occasion. And at Ikebana Sushi Bars, we bring you the best concoctions for your delightfulness!

We start by using only fresh juices to mix your drinks. You will find Orange, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Pineapple and Coconut among many other mixes we prepare daily. And of course, you will find the finest Puerto Rico Rums in our Menu.

We consistently bring to our menu the new and latest brands from our top suppliers. And all our Bartenders are trained with the signature recipes from each of the selected brands we carry on the menu.

Order your favorite Cocktails and relax with our background music. You deserve it after a long week! Or give it a try to our Craft Beer Menu selections!

We dare you to think outside the Glass and try a brand New Drink. Your New Favorite could be a shake or stir away!

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