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Drinks& Cocktails

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Drinks& Cocktails

Traditional and Modern Mixology!

Discover cocktails to suit every palate!

There’s a beverage or cocktail tailored to match every mood or occasion at Ikebana Sushi Bars, where we offer a plethora of pleasing and exotic concoctions!

Our drink mixing process begins with 100% fresh juices. We have a variety of daily mixes, including Orange, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut, and more. We also incorporate the superior rums from Puerto Rico in our extensive menu.

Our ever-evolving menu regularly features new and trending brands from our premium suppliers, and our proficient bartenders are skilled in creating drinks using signature recipes from all the brands we stock.

Indulge in your preferred cocktails while relaxing to our ambient music, a well-earned treat after a tedious week! Or why not also explore options from our Craft Beer Menu?

Venture beyond the familiar and try a completely new drink. You could be a shake or stir away from discovering your new favorite!

Discover our extensive menus at

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