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Founded in 2002, Ikebana • Creative Sushi • Sake Lounge offers more than your typical Japanese sushi experience. Located in San Patricio Mall, Guaynabo, it’s no surprise that we have been selected as the Best Sushi Bar Restaurant in Puerto Rico for six consecutive years (2011-2016) by the esteemed Sal! Awards, as well as received the 2017 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

Our ongoing goal is to exceed your expectations across all our menu choices. Our warm, knowledgeable, and professional staff will greet you and provide genuine hospitality as they help guide your dining experience.

We take pride in using seasonal ingredients and seafood to create delicious dishes deeply rooted in Japanese cuisine yet adding our unique Caribbean twist.

Come and see for yourself why Ikebana • Creative Sushi • Sake Lounge stands out as the best!

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During your visit, you will indulge in the finest Traditional Sushi and our unique, signature creations, which sets Ikebana • Creative Sushi • Sake Lounge apart. We are persistently devising new menu items for your pleasure and satisfaction. Feel free to inquire about our latest Sushi innovations from any service staff member!

Inspired by exotic travels and a love for diverse styles and distinct flavors, our cocktail menu is exceptional. Furthermore, our wine and sake options perfectly complement our sushi dishes.

Unlike other Japanese establishments, we proudly offer a wide range of Craft Beers. We wouldn’t want to overly boast about our ideal pairing of Sushi and Craft Beers, so discover it on your own!

If your favorite item isn’t on our menu, challenge our Sushi Chefs with your cravings, and they will be delighted to accommodate a special request.

If sushi is what you crave, treat yourself! We warmly invite you to Ikebana Sushi Bars!

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Our Ikebana logo embodies the superior quality featured in every dish we serve, inspired by the freshness found within Japanese flower arrangements.

That’s what our name means—Ikebana is Japanese for ‘flower arrangement.’ We have tremendous admiration for flowers, and when that passion is translated into the art of sushi, it signifies that we promise nothing less than top-notch quality food and exemplary service at all our restaurant venues.

That’s the code we live by— our ‘Bushido.’

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